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  • Cloud itTISDCS provides cloud backup, disaster backup, online data storage and offline data backup.
Off-Site Backup

Most businesses don’t have the time or resources to backup data as often as necessary. Off-site backup removes this burden from businesses and increases the security of your data. In addition to the added convenience, off-site data storage protects data in the event of a disaster. All local backups could be destroyed if your building is damaged by fire, flood or other natural disaster. With so much critical information being stored electronically, it is essential to have data recovery services you can count on.

TISDCS provides cloud backup, disaster backup, online data storage and offline data backup. Cloud backup allows users to safely store and access data from any Internet connected computer enabled with our management client. Disaster backup includes disaster planning recovery and company-wide implementation. We also offer law data protection, financial data storage and medical data storage. Contact today to find out about data backup solutions available for your industry.

Our data backup solutions are completely secure; we use the same encryption technology utilized by the U.S. government. Our automated online backup services offer ease of use and convenience. Contact us now and ensure that your data is protected.

What we offer:

  • Online Backup
  • Tape Storage
  • San Storage
  • NAS Device

Please contact us anytime to find out more about TISDCS data center services. We would be happy to assist you with your hosted needs.

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